Technical area of AIM Service Italia provides:


Internal support to the Company for design of interventions:

  • Feasability study for non-standard works
  • Design of support systems of portable machines dedicated to specific works
  • Design of dedicated tools and equipment for specific works o modification of existing ones
  • Issuing of procedures e specification for particular works

Planning of activities

Design of sealing elements for leak sealing, according to applicable laws, codes and standard (PED, ASME, ecc)

Reverse engineering for the production of spare parts

Technical reports of completed activities

External support to the Customers:

  • Issuing of maintenance programs for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance
  • Technical consulting during conception of non-standard maintenance activities
  • Technical consulting for optimization of performances of critical valves based on the target and actual conditions of run
  • Issuing of specifications and procedures
  • Consulting for maintenance scheduling on Customer’s side
  • Inspections and surveys on-site

The highly-specialized team of AIM Service Italia operates with care to the Customer and it is involved into the continuous update of human resources and the upgrade of the set of technologies and machines at its disposal.