Hot tapping and line plugging

AIM Service Italia executes hot-tapping for creation of tie-ins, and line-plugging on running plants. In addition to field activities, the proposed service includes:

  • Design of the fittings, according ASME rules (or other, when applicable) and Customer’s specification, with issuing of related technical papers;
  • Production and provision of fitting in workshop
  • Pressure test of the fittings in workshop – certification available on request
  • Issuing of welding book

Such activities are performed both in “on-shore” plants and facilities and “off-shore” installations: due to this our personnel is always trained up for safety matters.

Every work is planned to fulfill safety requirements of the site where our team is required.

Due to the characteristics of the work, we always assume that there are not standard operating conditions, and every request is analyzed by our technical staff to ensure feasability and decide operating procedures.

AIM Service Italia can perform hot-tapping on piping in service with various fluids, and can afford almost every operating condition available in:

  • Petrochemical plants and refineries
  • Thermoelecric powerplants
  • Cryogenic plants (i.e. air distillation)
  • Offshore platforms