Leak sealing

AIM Service Italia works in the field of leak sealing on elements of plant during operation, through methods established and accepted by INAIL of temporary repair, in accordance with international standards and regulations.

The service includes the design and the realization of artefacts for the containment of the fluid and their installation in the plant: the subsequent injection of specific sealants complete the work.

With these methods, AIM Service Italia can operate on the following types of elements losers:

  • Pipes and pipes connections
  • Flanged connections
  • Equipment
  • Machines (e.g pumps, compressors, turbines)
  • Valves

In the two most common cases we operate through the following methods:

Leak sealing on flanged couplings

The sealing compound is injected into the space between the two flanges suitably circumscribed with a containment ring split two or more sections.

The design and calculation of the ring takes into account the distance between the flanges, their diameter and the operating conditions ( temperature and pressure of the fluid).

The ring is designed to withstand the design pressure of the pipe.

Leak sealing on pipes

The area subject to loss is enclosed with a shell in two sections, provided with longitudinal and circumferential ducts suitable to be filled with sealing compound.

The hull is built to withstand the design pressure of the pipe.