Sergio Droghetti
Managing Director

Sergio began his career as a professional in the technical and organisational area. For the past 10 years, he has worked in the Maintenance Service sector, offering continuous service to major Italian and foreign industrial companies in the oil&gas sector. He has been responsible for managing, coordinating, and supporting teams of highly specialised technicians. As a Senior Manager, he was responsible for valve maintenance and specialized mechanical maintenance for plants. He is the Managing Director of AIM Service Italia, and also holds the position of Human Resources Manager.

Gianluca Ciraolo
Sales and Technical Manager

Gianluca Ciraolo has worked as a specialist in the mechanical maintenance sector for more than 10 years. He has held management and organisation positions, and now manages the Technical Office in the Specialized Mechanical Works and Machining sector and the Valves sector. He acquired a range of specialist knowledge during his professional training, including a significant talent for formulating the budget of highly complex technical projects / quotations and finding engineering solutions to apply in all high level plant design sectors. He also has in-depth knowledge of the field of materials and of managing and developing technical and safety procedures.

Massimo Burelli
Operating Manager

Massimo Burelli has over twenty years of experience in precision mechanical maintenance for industrial systems, particularly in the Valve Servicing sector. He has served as Valve Service Field Manager, responsible for organising and managing large-scale shut-down operations at major Italian energy and oil&gas companies. His professional expertise is enhanced by a broad knowledge of workshop and portable machine tools used for on-site works. At AIM Service Italia, he holds the position of Operations Manager.