Service on Valves

AIM Service Italia operates in the maintenance and overhaul of the valve, of any type and manufacturer. This activity allows the full restoration of valves also heavily damaged and / or worn, allowing the customer to have them again ready for use at their maximum capabilities, without having to resort to buying new.

Service Valves “on-site” is performed by AIM Service Italia with the installation of an operating structure at the Customer’s site which is completely independent, equipped with:

  • highly specialized technicians;
  • Portable equipment when necessary;
  • dedicated Logistics (use container workshop, offices, locker rooms and health).


Reverse Engineering: in the event of excessive deterioration of the internal components, AIM Service Italy can reconstruct the dimensions, tolerances and original, and thus produce a replacement of the original, built with the same materials or, when not possible, with materials having higher performances.

Calibration of valve positioners (pneumatic operated and electro-pneumatic operated).

Valve testing on bench:

  • leak testing, hydraulic or pneumatic with nitrogen;

Valve testing on bench:

  • “Helium test“.

PSV calibrations, with the test bench in the workshop or at the customer

PSV setting, calibration and testing during plant run.

Our team of skilled technicians can perform almost all activities on the following kind of valves:

  • Control valves, pressure-reducing valves two-way or more on the outlet, RF and BW, up to ANSI 4500 Lbs
  • On-off valves: globe, gate, ball, plug, RF and BW, up to ANSI 4500 Lbs
  • Back-flow prevention valves (VDR), clapet, disc/spring, a membrane, RF and BW, up to ANSI 4500 Lbs
  • Pressure relief valves (PSV), “Vacuum Relief Valves”, RF and BW, up to ANSI 4500 Lbs
  • Gate valves for high temperature service evenly with internal lining (i.e. RESCO: service with Hydrocarbons and catalyst)

The activitiy of service on valves includes:

  • Complete Standard overhaul of flanged valves
  • Complete Standard overhaul of BW valves
  • Welding overlays and stellite overlays, including welding books
  • Thermal treatments, including all related certification
  • Production and provision of spare parts for any type of valves, including all material certification

At the end of all activities AIM Service Italia releases all reports related to the intervention carried out, which includes: Report of intervention, Photographic Report, Welding book, Certificates of materials used, Certificates of heat treatment and Certificates of inspections and testing.