Specialized mechanical works and machining

AIM Service Italia offers a range of maintenance services which incorporate specialized mechanical works by chip removal “on-site”, which enable customers to carry out maintenance operations when the conditions of the item or the system in which it is installed make a maintenance in workshop, with ordinary equipment, difficult or impossible.

In addition to the work normally performed, AIM Service Italia is able to design and create, on specific customer requirements, equipment allowing the implementation and execution of non-standard works.

The company, in fact, is able to perform the following type of machining:

  • Front Turning machining, either internal or external, on elements of plant or equipment
  • Creation or restoration of sealing seats (RF. RTJ, or special as in the drawing) of piping or equipment
  • Drilling of holes, through or blind
  • Rectification of sealing seats or raceways
  • Flat Milling or special as in the drawing (on pieces of equipment, stands, pumps, compressors or turbines)
  • Drilling and tapping
  • Destruction of prisoners
  • Cutting and beveling of pipes.